Wednesday, December 8, 2010

well, i have scheduled an appointment next week to go see my dr for a follow up appointment.  we'll talk about this past cycle, and what we're going to do next.  since we have 7 frozen embryos, i do plan to use them.  i just don't know when.  we have a business trip scheduled for january, and i'd like to take some time off from injections.  so, maybe in the next few months, we'll start again.  i'm told that frozen cycles are soo much easier.  i hope so.  keep us in your prayers.
thanks  :)



  1. Just checking in with've been on my mind today. Love you much.

    Someone who discipled me in college said, "What you feel God promised, receive with an open hand, not tightly clutching onto the promise, but to Him alone."

    Prayers continue for you both!

  2. I think a break is good. You'll come back with new resolve and fresh hope. Take the Christmas break and New Year's and VEGAS! to relaaaaax and just breathe. God is not done. Love you lots! : )

  3. I know I can't say that I know what you're going through, but I understand that sometimes life just isn't fair. You guys are such great people and you deserve tons of blessings--I hope you will receive your heart's desire and much more. Love you both--and I'll follow your blog.

    I have one too :)